Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why Do I Walk Barefoot?

Barefoot Breezy!

Always known for forgetting her shoes!

That is what my Dad would tell you. I've been practicing "bare-footing" since I was about 7 years old. I consciously continued this practice around 12 years old.


 Here is a brief Video that I made >> THE Barefoot TRUTH

#1 Walking barefoot is the most natural human thing to do. 
I feel like a creature of Earth! I am no longer mascarading as an animal pretending to be better than other animals. I AM my feet touching the dirt that provides me with food for consumption and trees for air.
Below are some links to RESOURCES explaining the exact science of grounding.
The gist of it is that your feet exchange electrical charge with the Earth's surface and stabilizes your Electromagnetic Frequency.
While you read through these links; DO NOT buy any products. This is a practice that anyone can do for FREE.
My FAVORITE YouTuber Charis talks about her barefooting experience and what it is like to walk around in a city. Barefoot Progress Video
Information about the grounding process and energy exchange >

7 Healthy Benefits of Going Barefoot Outside

Describes the free electron process

#3 Barefoot AWARENESS
I live in a country that is rich in everything. I can go to a second hand store and find shoes that fit me. I can knock on a neighbors door and ask if they have any shoes they need to get rid of. I can ask a friend if I can borrow their shoes. Americans are rich in STUFF. There are many things we take for granted and among them is : Wearing Shoes
There are 100's of people who go without shoes because there is no other option. I go barefoot to humble my ego, to remind myself there are others who walk dangerous areas without shoes and have no choice in the matter.
You know that saying:
Learn to Walk in Another Person's Shoes
This is taking that saying and making it a reality. Know what it's like to walk with another person who doesn't have shoes.
TOMS Shoes use this as a way to make money. They have a yearly movement called "A Day Without Shoes"   which encourages its followers to walk without shoes to raise awareness. The company is designed so that when a customer buys a pair of shoes, they give a pair to someone in need. It's a great business plan. (kind of). #withoutshoes


I go barefoot from May until September. Michigan winters tend to be harsh, making it hard to go barefoot without the threat of loosing your toes. 


Check your Local barefoot policies. States and counties have different policies regarding which businesses and establishments exclude barefoot customers. 
>> I mostly go barefoot in parks, nature preserves, and neighborhood sidewalks.  

That's it for this blog post. More information can be found HERE
Truthday Tuesday is a day were you the High Vibe Humans can ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth, my experience of the world.

Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don't Give Up the Fight

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