Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's Talk About Race


The following article is only to discuss the current face of Racism in our society today, the importance of white privilege, and personal reflections from me. Please constructively formulate comments and post them below. Any feedback is welcome and will be received in an intelligent manner.
[Spoiler Alert! I talk a little bit about the plot of 'Once Upon A Time']


Did you know that America has a tendency, in the media, to display people of color (Hispanic, East Indian, Black etc.) in a negative fashion, or not at all? If you haven't noticed, I challenge you for the next week to track stories, TV shows, and commercials and see how often people of color/minorities 

1.) Appear 2.) in a positive non-stereotypical manner, 3.) in a respectable leadership role, 4.) and does not die.

A recent example of this is the TV Show "Once Upon A Time". 
This show is unintentionally perpetuating racism and white privilege.
There are literally less than 10 minorities and they are all sub-characters. Sidney Glass (The Mirror), Rapunzel and her father, Mulan, The Dragon, Lancelot, Tamara, Bashful, Ursula, and Billy (Gus the mouse) are the only people of color that appear, besides the extras with little to no lines. Yes, they are there but not in a positive light. Sidney works for the evil Queen and deceives the main character, then takes the fall for the Queen and goes to jail. Tamara is in a similar role, she befriends the main character but has an ulterior motive. She betrays and shoots her proclaimed lover, tries to destroy the town, follows orders blindly, and then ends up getting killed. Bashful isn't seen very often, and has little to no lines. In fact this character goes mostly unnoticed. Ursula, Rapunzel and her father are not seen past the first episode or in Story Brooke, while other characters make a second, and third appearance- some even come back to life. 
Then there is Billy or Gus the Mouse. He is black, and a mechanic who works for the Queen. He is non-stereotypical in the sense. However, he is not in a leadership role... in fact, just like Sidney, he is in service to the Queen. Near the end of the show, when you start to develop feelings for him, and he finally becomes more of a spotlight character with a full range of emotions, and individual thought- he is BRUTALLY MURDERED.
Ironically, by a rich, old, white dude playing Prince Charming's Dad, the King. Some might say I am reading too much into this, but wait there is more...
What about Mulan? She's an awesome bad ass female character right? WRONG, Mulan takes on a secondary role, and follows Sleeping Beauty around protecting her.  She is in service to a white woman, yet she is a powerful soldier, but this does not turn into a positive leadership position.You can still see the stereotypical Asian woman playing out in her character. In fact, in one episode she is deceptive, makes snappy remarks, and refuses to compromise or cooperate. Not what I would expect from Mulan who is assumed to be an experienced soldier. In her solo movie she refuses her submissive female role, deceives her family, and then ends up saving China. The Mulan in this TV Show is assumed to be a more mature, wise Mulan. After all, the Disney Mulan was an intelligent quick thinker with a great sense of Humor. This Mulan tends to come across as a stuck up, hard nosed bitch.
And the other Asian character, The Dragon, who is supposed to be super powerful- gets killed by Tamara. 
I want to bring this to your attention and hope you start questioning too. 
Why was the mirror a Black character in service to the Queen? He could have been White.
Or let's focus on the more important topic of Gus the Mouse. Why is the mouse a black man in a service job? And how come the black guy always dies in the end? None of these minority characters get their happy ending.
Why is it that these characters are minorities? Where does it say in these classic stories that all the characters are white? What about allowing one of the MANY princess' to be Hispanic or Indian?
What kind of message does this send to young minority children? They end up associating bad behavior, and unfavorable out comes to the color of their skin, and the status of their ethnicity.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Stay Open to Self-Love

"The demands and amusements of modern life separate us from nature and its rhythms."- Seeds of Awakening, p.21

Reading this quote, I grunt, That's for sure
I sit in my living room serenaded by the chorus of electronics and the home heating/cooling system- with only my computer to keep me company. It's night and instead of enjoying the warmth of a fire with my tribe, and listening to the crickets, I am pouring over text books and filling out job applications. I become aware of all the dis-ease, disconnect, and isolation that is a result of our fast paced American society. Reflecting on this I see that as blessed as I am to have these modern comforts, I'll take the crickets.

For the last week I've been overwhelmed. The energy of the week had my cognitive cycle on spin, and my thoughts were a blur. It wasn't that I couldn't find a way to slow down; it was more that I would not allow myself too.

This is where that little voice in your head comes into play. Well, my voice (or guardian angel) whispered, quite mirthfully, "Practice what you preach". :) Not only was I doubting the internal guidance I was receiving, I was down right ignoring it. Using my issues as an excuse to wrap myself up in a blanket of my own misery. Going day to day, adding to the pile and wondering when things were going to get better?

It was about this time that I received an invitation from Krista, whom I admire and regard, to be a guest voice. I was so honored and humbled by the gesture, that I began to panic. All the "What If's" began to boil up in my mind. I doubted my own power. "what do I have to offer in my miserable state?" 
So I put it off. I thought to myself that I had "nothing to offer". 
I had wrapped myself up in a cocoon of self harm, of course I couldn't write about self love. How could I possibly write about self-love?

Oh the irony in my struggle! I was tormenting myself over writing a self love piece, when all I really needed to do was friggen love myself and the rest would come naturally!

 I had to "practice what I preach". I needed to be uncoiled. I needed to stretch and be re-connected with my inner self. 

"For if we continue to ignore our own inner wisdom, the gap between what we know about ourselves conceptually and our own experiences grows ever larger." - Seeds of Awakening, p.36

This process is vital to the dynamics of self-love.

 Stress is all around us. The world we live in pulls our attention outward. This constant pulling and assault on our senses causes us to give in to these external expectations and demands. However, when we learn to listen and honor our inner selves, We can make a choice. And I made the choice to be Open to Self-Love.


My mind, My eyes, my heart, my life
In the air, in serenity
of freedom rushing through me
my body to endure harship
my consciousness, Human hearts, the world
Prevail, preserve, persist, prevent
should be swallowed by lightened hearts
We honor the self through the choices we make, which leads to honoring ourselves, and ends in self love.
 The world has a way of shutting us down, and cramming our expansive nature into tiny categorized boxes. It is our choice to open those boxes, break free, and BE all that we can be. It is our choice to actively move from a state of misery to a state of love. Make the commitment to open up to self-love.
After all, at the end of the day, you are the only person sitting at your computer. All you have is you. Does it not make more since to Be in love with you?

My Creed- Explained

Explanation of Declaration

"My Creed"
I'm going to change my life.
Effective Immediately
Done flamboyantly
by jumping into something
way over my head
equipped with only the
confidence in myself
That I can learn, adapt, and accomplish
Anything I set my heart on.

This is my creed.
If I am depressed
I recite this
if I ever feel in need
this gives me the courage to address it myself.

This poem was something I created to encourage myself during hard times.
Usually, after a failure of some sort. I wrote this after a particular failure- an abusive relationship. It ended and I had to find myself again. I had to relearn how to BE Brianna. I had to re-teach myself to trust others with my joyful expression. I knew I had to change how I viewed myself in relation to the world. 

I will change my life.

I will overcome adversity, and strife. I can wade through the darkest parts of myself and adapt to the darkness in the world, without ever losing myself.

Effective immediately.

Why wait? Why put off til tomorrow what you can accomplish today?! Staying active, and staying in the moment increases expansion and growth.

Done Flamboyantly.

DON'T HOLD BACK. Growth is about exploration and adventure. It's the ups and downs that really make the wave well rounded. Let go of fear and BE your whole self un-apologetically.
Feel that urge to do something, but you're too shy? JUMP IN, knowing there is no one that can judge you more harshly than yourself. You may feel like you are in way over your head, but don't fear. This is were the best soul-work is done. Under pressure, the most beautiful diamonds emerge.

You will become equipped with everything you need

After putting yourself into 'situation' after 'situation' you being to develop skills, knowledge, and acquire tools that defend you against the old paradigms of thought and propel you towards new adventures.
From this experience, from this new confidence in your own skill, you build a resilient personality. One that can take on the world, take a few punches, and keep on dancing. ;)

Set your heart on a goal. 

It can be as simple as learning how to cook, to something as complicated as learning self-love. Whatever it is, fill your mind, body, and spirit with the courage to accomplish this goal no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

To conclude

Address yourself, regard yourself as a powerful being who can implement positive change and growth their lives! I use this creed to remind myself of all these things. To remind myself of all the great things I have done, and all the great things I have yet to do. I hope this helps you too.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Exercise Makes You Happy

Hoops DELIVERED to Georgia
(Thank you Parents~)

  • "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't!" - Elle Woods Legally Blonde 

Recently, I've been feeling a little stressed. Life has been throwing me curve balls and I keep swinging and missing. This causes me to get ridiculously triggered and unreasonably upset... with myself. And that's just "no bueno!" I have to check myself, take a breath and remember to treat myself with love.
This lack of self love I was expressing towards myself radiated out into my other relationships. Ever hear the phrase "ripples create waves". Well, these waves were crashing on the shores of my loved ones. No one wants to unintentionally hurt the one they love.
I took action, and remembering the quirky quote above I grabbed my hoop and enjoyed some...


Hooping is my exercise of choice. It's a form of dancing that I use to express my inner emotions. Those emotions that have a hard time being expressed in English, or any language for that matter. I also enjoy biking, hiking, and a gloriously generic walk from here to there. However, there is something to be said about dancing your emotions out, and when you add a flow toy it takes things to a whole new level.
I danced ALL THE TIME growing up. As I got older I became self conscious of my crazy expressive dancing. I didn't want to keep myself from expressing all those emotions, and, in truth performing set my soul on fire. It made me happy to dance.
SO, I picked up a hoop. The hoop became my skill, it became an asset, it became my shield. Now I felt safe, and confident enough to perform.
Hoop dance is a form of Exercise.
Exercise makes me happy.
I believe my self expression through hoop dance makes others happy. 
And happy people are bound to get along.
May all beings find true peace, and true happiness.
Stay Healthy, Stay Light, and Don't Gve up the fight.
Breezy out~
I made a short video when I was hooping to let some stress out.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Golden Gaian Adventure: My Travel Beginnings

My Travel Beginnings

In 2010, my love for travel started on an island called Put-In-Bay. This 4 mile long slice of paradise resides in Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio. A tourist destination, it contains different themed bars, little antique shops, and treasured historical landmarks. During this particular summer I had a job as a sandwich artist at the local sub shop. I spent my mornings walking to work enjoying the sunshine, fresh lake air, and the sounds of the red wing black birds. My favorite thing to do was to venture in circles around the island on my blue Schwinn bike going wherever my heart desired. I felt most alive with the wind in my dreads and the sun on my skin. I was an elemental faerie living in the garden of Eden, or so my imagination told me.
 My mystical and adventurous personality became a beloved favorite by all those who lived on the island, and I was justly nicknamed "Breezy". When I inquired as to why I was given the name, the response was the singsong slogan of "easy, Breezy, Beautiful" (you know the rest). Another response was that I was like "a warm summer's breeze". I liked the feeling of the nickname. When summer ended and I returned to college, trading paradise for the "the real world", I stuck with the nickname. I would introducing my self in casual settings as 'Breezy' in an attempt to keep that "island feeling" alive within me. My soul was inspired by the sparkling island and I knew that the world was big and there was more adventure to be had.

After my experience on the island I found myself traveling to the main island of Japan to help with the tsunami disaster relief in 2011. I was able to embark on this mission because of a program called Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE). This is a student run organization whose motto is “a head for business, a heart for the world”. We had many unique projects, all working to make our world a better place, however I am especially fond of the Help Japan Project. I was project leader for a year and a half, so maybe I am a little biased ;)
We created the project because our hearts ached, we wished to express our sympathies to the 19,009 victims who experienced the worst of the earthquake and tsunami. We wanted to be part of the driving force, the fuel for the speediest recovery possible from the disaster. Through our fundraising efforts, we have been able to send volunteers from all backgrounds to Japan to assist with the continuing tsunami relief efforts.

Before I embarked on this trip people had all sorts of questions for me: "Aren't you afraid of another earthquake" or "what about the radiation poisoning?" To which I replied with a smile, " Strangely, I am not afraid. I know everything will be fine." And to "lighten" the mood, and dispel any looks of confusion I would add: "Besides if I become radiated maybe I'll return with SUPERPOWERS!" :D I always got a few laughs. All jokes aside, the true reason behind my fearlessness was that knowing. I had a feeling in my heart that God, the Universe, whatever you believe in... wanted me there for a reason. A reason I am still coming to understand, but can be summed up as You can save the world.

When I arrived in Japan I spent a week removing debris from residential areas, and rivers. My volunteer group got to witness first hand what progress had been made, and what was still yet to be done recovering the destroyed coastal cities. What I saw changed my life. It changed my perspective of who I was and what I could do. From that experience I knew that I had the power to affect positive change in the world. This ignited the desire to show other people that they too can change the world because anything is possible.

Since Japan, most of my travels have been less worldly and more local. I've visited a number of campgrounds across Michigan- it was the only thing I could do to satiate my travel bug while finishing college. 

I connected a lot with nature, releasing a strong feminine wildness. I began training as an "Amazon Warrior" and posted YouTube videos of my progress (There's a whole Warrior playlist).
I began to create an online persona or character self under my nickname "Breezy SpreadLove". 
(For a further explanation see the Blog: What is in a Name? [[coming soon]]) Why Spreadlove? The story begins with volunteering...(duh:)
In college, I was highly active in various clubs and volunteer groups. Being a part of club meetings showed me the vast array of problems that today's youth are facing. 
During my fundraising for Japan I printed a slogan on the back of my business card. (some of you reading this may have a copy of my old card ;). This slogan read : Think Global, Think Green, Think 'Earth Family' Spread Love. Along my volunteer route I discovered we all needed to love each other and spread that love. I began to sign my e-mails with "Spread Love" and even use it in casual conversation. It was through this action that my purpose truly revealed itself... I became the action of Spreading love. 
In order to "spread" love I had to move around, be active, and meet people. This was the beginning stages of the "Golden Gaian Adventure". (check out that Blog for more info [[coming soon]])

In Conclusion

I made the commitment to travel with the purpose of expressing my love for the world. To embody LOVE and spread it to the world. This love will manifest itself in different ways, such as learning new skills, meeting new people, and gathering new experiences. I started this blog with the purpose of conveying those experiences to others. In addition, writing out my adventures will assist me in processing the events, thus gaining a deeper understanding of my purpose. My generation has to put the pieces of the world, the economy, and themselves back together in some sort of working fashion. It is my belief that the more I come to know and understand the world and my place in it, the more I will be able to help it. 

Since a young age I have been telling people "I will save the world." When I make such a bold statement most individuals laugh and say that not only one person can do that, it's Impossible. I believe I can do this. I think that in order to save the world you have to show people how to save themselves. By traveling and learning, I am developing a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the world. Ultimately leading me down a path to be a living example for others
It is my hope that while you read this, you are becoming activated to take new steps in your life. I hope you join me on my journey of self discovery. May all beings find true peace, true harmony, and true happiness. Stay Healthy, Stay Light and Don't Give up the Fight. 

Breezy Out! ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Night Thoughts: Be Love and Adventure

Taking road trips is an exciting, fun adventure full of magic and sometimes unexpected surprises. Recently, I took a mini road trip to Grand Rapids (GR), an up and coming city on Michigan's west side. GR is considered a college town, and is best known for it's art, and it's breweries. I spent five years in Grand Rapids attending Aquinas college (AQ), a small private institution nestled in a 'forest' to the east of the city. I embarked on the two-hour drive in order to see my dear friends one last time before embarking on my Golden Gaian Adventure.

By sheer happenstance and divine synchronicity I was able to see a majority of my kindred spirits. It was nothing short of emotional. Some realized this would be the last time they would see me until Wakarusa in Arkansas. Others gave me bone crushing hugs upon realizing they would not see me again for another 4 months. It was very heartwarming.

I walked around Aquinas' tree studded campus and took in the familiar scents and sounds. The campus appeared unchanged yet was always changing. A new apartment building was under construction, the cafeteria had received a new coat of paint, and there were new recycling bins in all the administrative buildings to show a stronger initiative for ECO living. I recognized many faces and it warmed my heart to see them again.

This might sound weird, but even the people I did not know, I was happy to see again (in the above video I touch on this). I waved and smiled to these unsuspecting individuals. Whether they remembered me or not was not the first thing on my mind, all I was thinking about was how GOOD it felt to see them again!
Half the time I was met with shy smiles, and polite waves, a few gave me confused looks. I thought to myself, it might be odd but that's how I felt- Love and joy!

I felt immense gratitude for so many reasons. I felt gratitude for having the opportunity to be back at Aquinas one last time. I felt gratitude for having had such a wonderful and enlightening experience at AQ. I felt gratitude for all the people I met who shaped my life and my understanding of the world.
Cartoon of logic class
 And that is why I felt love and joy for complete strangers. Without the help of these 'strangers' I would not have learned so much about my own self expression.
What do I mean by this? Hahah, I ask myself that question as I type this out. I'm having a hard time putting this idea into words. I even made a video about these feelings, and now I'm writing this blog to further process it.

Basically, strangers only end up staying strangers because one doesn't take the time to strike up a conversation. At AQ all strangers become more like acquaintances. This is because AQ has such a small campus that it is common for everyone to always runs into each other on more than one occasion. Polite small talk becomes a daily practice, and outgoing individuals become well-known on campus. The atmosphere is intimate and allows for a deeper level of growth. Consequently, the students have affectionately nicknamed the college AQ HIGH because everyone knows everyone else in some form or fashion, just like in high school. Of course that also means that occasionally there is high school like drama, which can be expected from freshly graduated high school seniors turned freshmen again. However, this too is part of the learning process that AQ students go through.
My point, and invariably the point of this blog, (Besides the AQ engraved waffle) is to express my feelings of nostalgia and sweet sentiment for a place that has assisted in my growth, and has shaped my current understanding and perception of the world. My time spent at Aquinas and in the city of Grand Rapids was an amazing experience, for which I am grateful.
As I embark on this Golden Gaian Adventure I am reminded to stay strong in who I've become. The trip back to Grand Rapids reinspiried me to keep believing in my dreams. I am a culmination of fun, exciting spiritual experiences. I remember how I got "here", I am ready... for anything, I am open to what the world has to teach me, and I am guided on my path.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Wise Owl (Poem)

Wise Owl

Wise Owl in the tree
What do you see?
Do you see the woman slaving over dinner,
And the man who long ago strived to win her?
Do you see an ancient love in their eyes?
Do you see the flame as it dies?
Wise Owl in your tree,
What is it that you see?
I blink my eyes, and the owl replies:
I see the love the woman holds for he,
and the love the man holds for she.
I see a couple, worn and weary
Growing old but still quite cheery
The flame they share is still there
God has created them as a pair
Now young child do you see
Destined love lasts for centuries

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Paperback Day Dream

Paperback Day Dream

A Short Story

     Shurri wasn't sure what time it was exactly when she woke up from her fantasy world. The wind had changed directions and the long grass she laid in tickled her nose distracting her from finishing the novel that had engulfed her senses. Her finger between the pages paused the fantasy world, and she stared up at the blue sky watching the soft white clouds drift on the lazy breeze. Shurri had decided to skip school to avoid the lectures on things that could be read in books, thinking of her friend Ming, who could read historical fiction without getting bored. Even at the young age of sixteen, to her and her friends books were the vital spark they needed to get through life. Shurri had lost many suitors because of her fondness to her paperback pals. Her mother often scolded her for skipping school to read of princesses and princes who fought valiantly for the one they loved. Oh how Shurri wished to have an adventure similar to the ones in fairy tales.
     Now she lay in her favorite reading spot, clutching a copy of The People Could Fly. It contained a collection of American Black Folktales told by Virginia Hamilton. Shurri loved to explore the fairy tales and folktales of other cultures. With each tale brought another adventure into her imagination, bringing the whole story alive letting Shurri join its characters.
     Shurri was of some African decent, but only one fourth, which was enough to give her complexion a golden brown tone, and her chocolate hair a slight curl.
    The wind danced in her hair and played with her light green printed dress and stirring the leaves in the trees a few yards behind her. Today was a perfect day for an adventure.
     Shurri sighed, rolled onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows, gazing across the sea of grass that led to a beaten dirt road. A ways down the road she could see the small one room school house that held grades first and up. She knew that in a few hours, kids of all ages would burst through the doors and race home to play games of stick ball and football.
    Shurri felt detached from the world of frivolity, because of all the knowledge reading had lent her, many thought she was too smug to join in their games. Even her teacher and some adults held disdain for her and the arsenal of information she carried. She took no offense. The words on the pages seemed to dance before her eyes and create worlds in which battles were waged, lives were lost, and the end held the beautiful lessons of life. She was addicted to the excitement of discovering the mastermind behind the evil plot or the saving of a damsel in distress. This addiction lead her to new, harder novels to read, subsequently expanding her knowledge, vocabulary, and grammar.
     Besides her daily chores, she worked a few hours at the bakery downtown, but only to earn enough money to buy more books. She couldn't help it if older folk suddenly felt jealous because she dared to read while they worked, that was their choice not hers. She chose reading over working and liked it that way. Any other chore seemed to waste her time.
     It was then that she heard it, the small chime of the metallic bell being struck repeatedly, jarring her from her thoughts. The doors to the red school burst open, and a flood of bodies surged out and then divided into different directions. Each heading for a place Shurri could only imagine.
     It was time, she sighed, time to blend back in with the crowd and ask her friends what the lessons for today had been. Shurri stood and brushed the dirt from her dress. She tenderly plucked a strand of grass and placed it between the pages of her book, and began her trek towards the dirt road.
     At the edge of the field stood three people, each with a different expression on their face. The shortest held two bundles of schoolbooks and a sorrowful expression that would melt your heart. The owner of this puppy dog face was Emma, about seventeen years old, her straight strawberry blonde hair was cut level to her chin, with bit tied off to the side in a ponytail.
     The person on the right was Jade, she stood a head taller than Emma and was of Asian descent. Her jet-black hair was tied up in an intricate bun and decorated with a bead-studded hairpiece. Shurri noticed her nose was buried in a book, and that the pages were quickly being turned. She must be at a good part, Shurri thought.
     The tallest was male. He had a standoffish attitude and wasn't even facing Shurri as she approached, he was staring down the road as if interested in something in the distance. His dark hair was disheveled, and his shirt was untucked. Ever since he hit puberty and had a growth spurt he liked to act all high and mighty, but really he was a sweetheart. Together they made an odd group. Emma was the worry wart, Jade was the levelheaded one, and Jack was the know-it-all big brother figure.
     Shurri had known these three for her whole life. They were her friends; they were her second family. It seemed, at times, they were the only ones who understood each other. Shurri felt it was a bond that no one could break.
     “Yo, yo yo!” Shurri sang out in greeting. “So how was class today?”
The Asian girl shrugged, and continued reading indicating she had hardly paid attention.
“Shri,” Emma called her by her nickname, “please don’t skip again,” her voice squeaked, “I hate having to make up excuses for your disappearance. Plus, I hate carrying your text books.” She lofted the stack into Shurri’s arms.
“I know, sorry. I just can’t help it ya know? The fields called my name! It was too beautiful outside to be inside!” Shurri gestured dramatically and laughed. She patted the girl on the head, “I felt the pull of my book whispering, ‘Come! Read me!’ I couldn’t resist. I hope it wasn’t to much trouble-”
“Damn straight it caused trouble!” Jack turned on her suddenly, “Do you know poor little Emma here stammered to find an excuse for your damn absence? She was scared sh-spitless! It ain’t fair to her that you can up and leave whenever the hell you want! You’ve been in and out all fu- frickin’ week! You can’t keep this up, or Ole Miss Berry gonna ‘spect somthin’!” As the boy vented his southern accent came through and he was barely able to keep his swearing to a minimum.
There’s only one way to remedy a flustered Jack, Shurri thought, and that’s to bat your eyes and sweet-talk him. Typical.
“I’m sorry Jack,” Shurri scuffed a foot on the ground and played ‘the cute scolded child’s’ attitude, “I should take more responsibility for my actions,” Shurri chanced a look up and found Jack scratching his head and looking a bit embarrassed. Shurri grinned on the inside, but kept her solemn face.
“Well, just don’t do it again…without a warning,” He added.
Shurri grinned a cat’s grin, “Ok! So…can I borrow your notes?” she asked without missing a beat.
Jack was taken aback and then caught on she had played him, “I ain’t never gonna let you borrow ‘em!” He yelled, his face flushed over the fact she had tricked him, “You can just find another person to leech onto, I’m done letting you suck me dry!” He stomped off down the road muttering curses under his breath.
Shurri pouted, “How am I supposed to pass the test now?”
Jade glanced up from her book and watched the retreating Jack. She smirked, then turned back to her book saying “Don’t ask me for anything. You did this to yourself,” She turned a page and started walking, “Besides I didn’t take notes, its all up here.” She taped her head and continued walking and reading.
Shurri sighed and turned to Emma, her last hope, “I don’t suppose you took notes for me?”
Emma stuck her tongue out at Shurri and ran to catch up with Jade.
“What? Hey wait guysssss come on! I thought we were friends.” She stood there waiting for a response. Jack held up his middle finger.
“Well, so much for our special ‘bond’,” Shurri muttered to the wind, then followed her friends down the dirt road. She smiled knowing that they would later get together to study anyways.
--. --. --. --. --. --. –

Just a quickie I wrote at midnight, because the rain kept me up. Hope you liked it.
I wrote it to get out some creative energy. I understand that it doesn't have a plot or any deep substance. Thank you for your lovely comments ;)

World of Many Things (Poem)

This was a poem I wrote after I got in a heated discussion with my dad about various things, like gay rights, negative perceptions of women's strength, and stereotypes of different ethnicities. This was first drafted when I was starting high school. I'm publishing it now to share my feelings with all of you. I've always had a full and loving heart, and as you read you’ll see what I mean.

The World of Many things

It is black, it is white
It is green, it is brown
It is tan, it is red
It is all the colors

Things are happy, things are sad
Things laugh, things heal
Things cry, things bleed
A world of things that feel

Worship spirits, worship gods
Worship flowers, worship trees
Great people worship with love
A world of many beliefs

He is male, she is female
he is girl, she is boy
He is man, she is woman
We are all human

She loves him, he loves her
He loves him, he loves him too
She loves her, she loves her back
We love when love is true

THIS is A world of many things
A world of colors
A world of feelings
A world of beliefs
A world of gender
A world of love

This world is all
Because of all we are
We are full of love
So love fills the world

(A/N): I realize this is slightly cheesy and could possibly piss off some people but if I don’t write these words I feel my heart will explode. If I don't say something then I feel like I'm not doing my part. My point is nothing ever gets accomplished if people only think about how to change the world for the better.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is Going on?


December 16, 2012 at 1:22pm


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This was a response to this homework question: On which philosophical domain of human existence do you think our current civilization is focused:  Mind (rational), Body (empirical), or Spirit (emotional)?  Why?


There has always been a mind/body debate throughout human history. We have grown and evolved as a result of cycling between the three domains. Our current state might best be described as a fluctuation between the mind and body domains. Technology has improved our understanding of our world. However, with technology, society has cultivated many different view points, and I believe that we are entering a synergistic period were we operate in all three.
A symbiosis is occurring that is unique to our time because of technology. Genome sequencing, helps us understand the information encoded in our genes in a new way. Computers store and allow access to new empirical data. The internet gives insight into the development of our brains by allowing thousands of researchers to connect and discuss ideas. Information changes how we perceive ourselves in the world. All humans live by a personal philosophy that they have adopted through experience. While we have operated in the mind and body mentality for the last 20 years or so, with the technological boom of the 80’s and 90’s this sharing of information causes us to cycle through each aspect (mind, body, spirit) faster and at different periods in our individual experience.

From science we know that the make up of our bodies are all equally weak/strong and relatively the same. We have done a lot of rational thinking and judgment in certain social realms, but not in others. The United States and other nations are experiencing economic depression with many families facing economic uncertainty for the first time. Our government is involved in the occupation and war on ‘terrorist’ countries, in which our soldiers return wondering if they are the terrorists. In these war torn countries, people are confused and scared; they can barely make sense of what is going on, and try to fight for their safety and freedom. These factors have created psychological stress causing humans to scramble for reasoning behind the rapid changes that are occurring. People are beginning to realize that certain systems no longer work with a global, environmentally centered mindset. By using the empirical data gathered about human systems and animal systems, we are coming up with new designs for a sustainable society. There is a new emergence of technologies to solve the problems of the world and these ideas are being met with resistance because of old paradigms. This is where a spiritual movement comes in.

I am beginning to see a interesting definition of spirit emerging from the new information about the brain, and the current state of society. This is not something new, in fact it is something old that is being framed in a new perspective. The psychological stress I spoke of causes humans to cling tightly to what is familiar and to return to home and family. By going back to our roots, many scientists found connections between quantum mechanics and spiritual teachings. There is a saying (forgive me because I don’t remember where I heard it), that “Father is light and all that you see, but he is also hidden by this light. Mother is vibration and all that you hear but she is also hidden by this vibration”. This saying has implications that from vibration, the frequency of matter, and light bouncing off of that matter, the world is created. These are the fundamental measurements by which we are able to perceive the world, but we often forget or hide this information from our conscious experience. Expanding on this, at every moment we are all vibrating and reflecting light. This can be seen as a spiritual concept as well as a scientific one. It is the notion that we are all connected. That we are connected to each other biologically, we are connected to our environment chemically, and we are connected to the universe atomically. This is revolutionizing the way humans see each other and their place in the world. Again, this is not new information, it is merely something that has fallen to the way side. However, this remembrance of how connected we are is what is moving people to call for social and environmental change globally and with more tenacity than many world leaders had anticipated. This is creating a new mindset, a new paradigm, and will ultimately create a new world.

Please post comments relative to this discussion about the evolution of our consciousness. We are the next step, we are aware and conscious of this fact. What will we choose to create. I encourage discussion of this among my peers even if they groan and moan, because it is important. In some way no matter how big or SMALL we helped create the problems we are now facing. This is the reality and nature of our situation, and my friends, my comrades "with great power comes great responsibility". It is time to rise and accept our roles.

Practice sharing and objectively discussing solutions. We know the problem already, stop complaining and start doing.