Thursday, October 2, 2014


Stay Open to Self-Love

"The demands and amusements of modern life separate us from nature and its rhythms."- Seeds of Awakening, p.21

Reading this quote, I grunt, That's for sure
I sit in my living room serenaded by the chorus of electronics and the home heating/cooling system- with only my computer to keep me company. It's night and instead of enjoying the warmth of a fire with my tribe, and listening to the crickets, I am pouring over text books and filling out job applications. I become aware of all the dis-ease, disconnect, and isolation that is a result of our fast paced American society. Reflecting on this I see that as blessed as I am to have these modern comforts, I'll take the crickets.

For the last week I've been overwhelmed. The energy of the week had my cognitive cycle on spin, and my thoughts were a blur. It wasn't that I couldn't find a way to slow down; it was more that I would not allow myself too.

This is where that little voice in your head comes into play. Well, my voice (or guardian angel) whispered, quite mirthfully, "Practice what you preach". :) Not only was I doubting the internal guidance I was receiving, I was down right ignoring it. Using my issues as an excuse to wrap myself up in a blanket of my own misery. Going day to day, adding to the pile and wondering when things were going to get better?

It was about this time that I received an invitation from Krista, whom I admire and regard, to be a guest voice. I was so honored and humbled by the gesture, that I began to panic. All the "What If's" began to boil up in my mind. I doubted my own power. "what do I have to offer in my miserable state?" 
So I put it off. I thought to myself that I had "nothing to offer". 
I had wrapped myself up in a cocoon of self harm, of course I couldn't write about self love. How could I possibly write about self-love?

Oh the irony in my struggle! I was tormenting myself over writing a self love piece, when all I really needed to do was friggen love myself and the rest would come naturally!

 I had to "practice what I preach". I needed to be uncoiled. I needed to stretch and be re-connected with my inner self. 

"For if we continue to ignore our own inner wisdom, the gap between what we know about ourselves conceptually and our own experiences grows ever larger." - Seeds of Awakening, p.36

This process is vital to the dynamics of self-love.

 Stress is all around us. The world we live in pulls our attention outward. This constant pulling and assault on our senses causes us to give in to these external expectations and demands. However, when we learn to listen and honor our inner selves, We can make a choice. And I made the choice to be Open to Self-Love.


My mind, My eyes, my heart, my life
In the air, in serenity
of freedom rushing through me
my body to endure harship
my consciousness, Human hearts, the world
Prevail, preserve, persist, prevent
should be swallowed by lightened hearts
We honor the self through the choices we make, which leads to honoring ourselves, and ends in self love.
 The world has a way of shutting us down, and cramming our expansive nature into tiny categorized boxes. It is our choice to open those boxes, break free, and BE all that we can be. It is our choice to actively move from a state of misery to a state of love. Make the commitment to open up to self-love.
After all, at the end of the day, you are the only person sitting at your computer. All you have is you. Does it not make more since to Be in love with you?

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