Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Creed- Explained

Explanation of Declaration

"My Creed"
I'm going to change my life.
Effective Immediately
Done flamboyantly
by jumping into something
way over my head
equipped with only the
confidence in myself
That I can learn, adapt, and accomplish
Anything I set my heart on.

This is my creed.
If I am depressed
I recite this
if I ever feel in need
this gives me the courage to address it myself.

This poem was something I created to encourage myself during hard times.
Usually, after a failure of some sort. I wrote this after a particular failure- an abusive relationship. It ended and I had to find myself again. I had to relearn how to BE Brianna. I had to re-teach myself to trust others with my joyful expression. I knew I had to change how I viewed myself in relation to the world. 

I will change my life.

I will overcome adversity, and strife. I can wade through the darkest parts of myself and adapt to the darkness in the world, without ever losing myself.

Effective immediately.

Why wait? Why put off til tomorrow what you can accomplish today?! Staying active, and staying in the moment increases expansion and growth.

Done Flamboyantly.

DON'T HOLD BACK. Growth is about exploration and adventure. It's the ups and downs that really make the wave well rounded. Let go of fear and BE your whole self un-apologetically.
Feel that urge to do something, but you're too shy? JUMP IN, knowing there is no one that can judge you more harshly than yourself. You may feel like you are in way over your head, but don't fear. This is were the best soul-work is done. Under pressure, the most beautiful diamonds emerge.

You will become equipped with everything you need

After putting yourself into 'situation' after 'situation' you being to develop skills, knowledge, and acquire tools that defend you against the old paradigms of thought and propel you towards new adventures.
From this experience, from this new confidence in your own skill, you build a resilient personality. One that can take on the world, take a few punches, and keep on dancing. ;)

Set your heart on a goal. 

It can be as simple as learning how to cook, to something as complicated as learning self-love. Whatever it is, fill your mind, body, and spirit with the courage to accomplish this goal no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

To conclude

Address yourself, regard yourself as a powerful being who can implement positive change and growth their lives! I use this creed to remind myself of all these things. To remind myself of all the great things I have done, and all the great things I have yet to do. I hope this helps you too.

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