Friday, September 22, 2017

TT: "About the Women"

Hey High Vibe Humans,

When ideas strike we have to share! This week I wanted to talk "About the Women". I asked my Facebook Page "Questions for women or about women", and several humans responded. Most of them identified as male and wanted to discuss feminism. Before I get too far, you might be wondering why am I soliciting for questions in the first place.
Truthday Tuesday is a day where High Vibe Humans ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth, and an Angel Oracle deck. Its a day where we tackle the tough questions.
Let's get to the truth "About the Women". Watch the full video to see and hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Joe asks "Why do Women play?" 
Women play many things. Basketball, soccer, hockey, and other sports. They also play the piano, the guitar, the trumpet, and the heartstrings. Which I am assuming is what this question is about.
Why do women play with my heart? To that I say, I do not know. Everyone is different, and has different motivations for doing things. Right away, I am reminded of the societal expectations that are placed on dating, and these expectations are often gendered. Males are expected to full-fill a role in the dating game. What do you think this role looks like?
Males are expected to pay for the female, to provide basic needs, and to small acts of kindness- like opening the door. Females are expected to be the recipient of these acts. To answer this question, I would like to say that we should, first, dismantle gendered expectations of dating. Secondly, I think when a relationship is forming all responsibilities should be shared equally, such as dating expenses and gift giving. So be clear! Be upfront about your expectations. Also, don't do something for someone expecting something in return, that guarantees you will be disappointed. For example, do not take someone out to eat and pay for them, then expect them to give you another date or sexual action.

When I asked the angels what they though, Archangel Uriel responded with "You know what to do". This is an expression card dealing with the throat chakra. We may not know why people do what they do to us, but we can control how we react to it. Ask yourself what do I do when I know I'm being played? The angels indicate you know how to take care of yourself when you know someone isn't treating you right. To hear more from Archangel Uriel click >> HERE<<

Next Question,
 Mark asks, " Why hasn't every woman in America signed up for selective service?"

For those that might not know, Selective Service is a fancy way of saying "The Draft". Women are not required to sign up for the draft. Congress would have to amend the law, LATEST UPDATE:  Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on December 3, 2015, the Department of Defense will lift all gender-based restrictions on military service starting January 2016. Women can sign up for the draft but are not automatically signed up at the age of 18.
This means women still maintain the freedom to choose. I think men should be more defensive of their freedoms. Men should also be given a choice. If you go to the Selective Service website, you will see how gendered the language is, saying "it's what a man's go to do". Well, what if its not what the man wants to do? What if the man disagrees with the POTUS and the reasons why the U.S. is going to war? These are all questions that males should be asking. I believe that women haven't signed up for the draft because they reserve their right to say "no". That is a freedom women have been fighting for since the dawn of time (also referencing sexual situations).

When I asked the angels about this topic, Archangel Raphael responded. The world needs healing at this time, Archangel Raphael, says that Angel Therapy is needed. The world doesn't need more war, the world needs radical healing. This requires a radical healer, a person who is willing to use love to heal all wounds no matter the situation.
For more information, you can watch the full video >> HERE<<  

If you would like your questions answered by the angels, post in the comments or use #truthdaytuesday on any of my social media platforms.

New Moon September | Angel Message

New Moon Virgo

This message comes from Archangel Jophiel,
The previous full moon had us reflect on the changes the Eclipse energy brought. August's energies invoked change in personal lives, and in the collective. 

The new moon means the ending of one cycle. This is the time to start a new project, and get a fresh start. Be careful not to get overstimulated because the energy is that of a baby tree taking root. There is a sense of strength, but also an awareness of the need to be gentle at this time. Use this invigorating energy burst of an initiative to reflect on the deeper sides of your self. Look at old patterns of behavior and question their origins. This is the ending of a cycle, and requires

Think of words like  self-worth, self-respect, self-care 

This is the first new moon after the eclipse. Which means these changes will be intense and dig at older personal paradigms. These changes are also seasonally induced. The natural forces at work might cause us to feel pressure- the pressure to perform and the pressure to be perfect. Try to resist this temptation, or desire to be perfect. This will only put added pressure and stress that could hinder your ability to make successful changes. The changes implemented now represent a new stage of development of long term goals.

The new moon signifies a fresh start. This means any current plans might undergo some alterations. Let go of preconceived notions of the original plan, and be open to these new alterations.

Archangel Jophiel states that this is a good time to "Clear your Space". Take some time this weekend to "get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you, and use feng shui".

If you would like some more support during this time, visit
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Starseed Counselor: Communication alleviates Suffering

Hey High Vibe Humans,

As starseeds, we believe it is our mission to improve the world we live in. We believe we incarnated on this Earth in order to bring about a paradigm shift that will reduce suffering that exists in the world.
There are many different forms of suffering and millions of reasons why humans suffer. Many belief systems attempt to explain this suffering. Today, I wanted to describe the one tool that saves humans from suffering. This is a tool that can alleviate suffering because it works to improve and strengthen relationships.

Again, this won't alleviate all suffering, but it can cut down on illogical, senseless, unintelligent suffering which comes in the form of arguments, fights, and misunderstandings. This is a quick "one size fits all humans" type of fix, and its called:
Good Communication Skills
Think about the sources of suffering in your life.
Would you like to improve your romantic life? Then develop good communication and body language.
Want to pass that extremely hard class? Practice communicating your needs to the teacher or classmates.
Would you like to develop a good relationship with your parents? Practice listening to them, and communicate trust.
Want to improve your career and enhance your social circle? Practice good communication.
Human interaction is all about quality, not quantity.
In order to have good communication skills, we must start with the basics.
Active listening is an important skill, and is not as simple as it sounds. We've been conditioned to be selective listeners, only listening for certain things, ignoring things we don't like, and remembering things we do like. Usually, we are listening for a chance to express our opinion, this can lead to poor understanding. When we listen with the intent to respond we leave the other person feeling unheard, un-cared for, and misunderstood.

The next section is from a respected colleague of mine. Adam Osborne, LPC, from Western Michigan University teaches several classes on communication and relationship building. He writes about the benefits of learning non-verbal behaviors and utilizing them in conversation. Here's what he has to say:
Nonverbal Behaviors
Obviously the things you say to someone you are talking to are important, but there are many other ways of communicating other than with words. Everything that you do communicates something to the people around you. It may be helpful to think in terms of messages rather than words used. What message was sent when you said something or did something? Think of sarcasm. You say one thing, but your voice tone says something else. I bet you can think of situations in your life where you claimed to be “right” in a situation because you said the right thing, but the person you were talking to sensed that you were being ingenuine or misleading through nonverbal cues. Eye rolling, breaking eye contact, saying you want to do something in a somber or sullen tone… the list goes on an on. Many times our words don’t tell the story as well as our nonverbal communication.
Facial expressions. It can be helpful to match your facial expression with the emotion being shared with you, or the one that you wish to convey when you are talking.
Hand gestures. These provide emphasis on things that are said. Some people use hand gestures a lot more than others.
Proximity. Be aware of how close you are standing or sitting to someone you are talking to. Too far and it will seem like you are disinterested, too close may make the person feel uncomfortable.
Eye contact. As a general rule, making eye contact is a good thing. You want to be cautious though not to intimidate by staring too strongly.
Posture. If you are leaning way back, head tipped to the side with your legs sprawled out across a couch, you send a very different message than if you are on the edge of your seat, leaning in toward the other person. Be sure your posture matches the intensity of the discussion.
Head nodding. Head nods can communicate that you are following along or they can communicate agreement with what is being said by the other person.
Minimal encouragers. “Mmhmmm”, “Mmmmm”, “Ahhhmmm” etc. Sometimes words such as “okay”, “alright”, and “Oh” can be used as minimal encouragers as well as any other sound you might use that conveys concern, understanding or that you want to hear more.
Volume. No one likes to be yelled at, or have to ask you to speak up repeatedly. Find the right volume for the situation.
Tone/pitch/inflection. You can vary your voice in many ways to convey different messages. Imagine saying “I love you” in a very droll, monotonous tone, and then again in an excited tone, or yet again in a very soft and gentle tone. You are sending three very different messages with each of these, despite the fact that you are saying the same words.
Verbal Behaviors
Content vs. message. What is the person really saying? Can you read between the lines? This is one of the most important things to remember when building relationships. If you pay attention to a message rather than a sentence, the person you are talking to will feel better heard and understood. A person may tell you a story about a wonderful visit to see family, but subtle voice inflections and facial expressions may tell you that the reason this person is telling you this story is because they miss their family, not because they wanted to talk about the fun they had.
Keep the focus on the other. Any strong relationship needs to have balance. It needs to have a reciprocal nature that allows both parties to feel heard and understood. So don’t let this topic lead you to think that you should never talk about yourself. You should. But if your goal is to make a new friend, or build a relationship at school or work, then you would be well suited to keep the focus on the other, helping them to feel important, heard and understood. The following skills may help you to keep the main focus on the other person.
Restatements. A restatement is when you reflect back the words that the other person just said. This helps the other to know that you’re listening, helps them to hear what they just said and clarify if needed, and to prompt them to continue talking about that topic. For example if a friend said to you “I really love getting out of town on the weekends to go on adventures” Then you could reply simply “Adventures.” And the person would be prompted to tell you about the adventures they like to go on.
Paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is when you reflect back to the other person what they just said, but you use your own words instead of theirs. You add a fresh perspective, different angle, or highlight what you thought was most important. This is the most useful skill when trying to build relationships. You can use it very frequently, and if done well, will keep conversations interesting and focused on the person you are talking to. It will let you understand and empathize with the other person and help them to feel that you care for them. An example might be if a classmate said to you “I really don’t like having tense conversations in class, like when we talk about race and sexual orientation.” and you could respond with “It sounds like tense conversations make you uncomfortable.” The person can then go on and talk about why it makes them uncomfortable. They may not think that uncomfortable is the right word, and correct you. “Well not uncomfortable, but more like annoyed.” and that’s great! You had a misunderstanding, and it got cleared up in about two seconds. Without paraphrasing you don’t usually have the chance to get such clarity in communication.

Friday, September 8, 2017

"Steps to Change" :: September Intention

Hello High Vibe Humans!

In this article, I will be summarizing the intention for the month of September.

The arrival of fall can mean many things; ๐Ÿ‚leaves turning colors, animals migrating, apple picking and PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING.๐ŸŽƒ ๐Ÿ‘

Fall is not only a change in seasons, but many changes happen within ourselves as well. We are shifting from our summer selves to our winter selves. School begins and that comes with its own set of changes and challenges. Some changes are easier to handle than others. This month we will be exploring the steps to change, what they look like, how one might feel, and goals.
Take some time to examine your life and see what changes you are currently engaged in. Try to identify what stage fits your situation. Then, using the goals section, think of ways to encourage yourself to take the next step.
Stages of Change
  1. Pre-Contemplation: in this phase, an individual is not aware a change needs to be made. They are not considering change.
    • Goals
      • Validate your experience (i.e. lack of readiness, fear, lack of concern).
      • Acknowledge the decision is yours to make.
      • Develop a reason for changing. Make a simple, direct statement about the benefits of the change.
      • Encourage further exploration, and explore potential concerns.
    • Example: "I know smoking isn't good for me, but we all die from something, right?"
  2. Contemplation: the change is being thought about, however, they are ambivalent about change. One could be described as "on the fence".
    • Goals:
      • Encourage evaluation of pro's & con's
      • Clarify perception of pro's & con's (realistic or unrealistic, and why?)
      • Identify and promote new, positive outcome expectations that could come from behavior change.
      • Begin making statements that move you towards preparation. 
    • Example: "I smoke a pack a day, and it's starting to cost me money & my health. I might have to quit." 
  3. Preparation: There has been a decision to make change within the next month. A detailed plan has been made.
    • Goals:
      • Praise the decision to change behavior.
      • Prioritize behavior change opportunities over other life events.
      • Identify possible obstacles and do some problem solving.
      • Encourage small steps to start.
      • Identify what social support you have surrounding the change. 
    • Example: "I usually smoke on lunch breaks. Instead, I'll sit with the non-smokers and make some new friends."
  4. Action: the plan to change has been put into motion. The change or new behavior is being practiced. 
    • Goals:
      • Focus on restructuring habitual, routine behavior, and gathering social support.
      • Bolster self-efficacy for dealing with obstacles.
      • Combat feelings of loss and reiterate long-term benefits.
    • Example: "I've replaced my morning cig with a peppermint stick, but it's been hard giving up my evening cigarette. I just have to remember my insurance costs will go down."
  5. Maintenance: there has been a continued commitment to sustaining the new behavior or change. 
    • Goals:
      • Focus on outside support
      • Reinforce rewards and benefits
      • Identify relapse triggers & coping strategies for them. 
    • Example: "I haven't smoked in one week, but last night, after a few beers, I had a cigarette with an old friend. Next time, I will keep peppermints on hand to supplement my cravings."
  6. Relapse: Here, there is a resumption of the old behaviors. This could be described as "falling off the wagon" or a "fall from grace" 
    • Goals:
      • Evaluate the trigger, or what caused the relapse.
      • Reassess motivation & barriers to success. 
      • Come up with stronger coping methods.
    • Example: " A family member passed away this past week and I'm back to smoking a pack a day. Instead, I'll call a non-smoker friend the next time I feel stressed/upset."

If you need any help identifying what stage you are in, try writing down your thoughts regarding the change. Maybe looking at these thoughts will help clarify and put things in perspective. If you are still having trouble, we can sit down in a private session and hash it out together.
Please visit         *pick a healing package that suits your needs

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Image result for j. lauryn

The Mission...
We all strive to be HIGH VIBE HUMANS. We strive to walk with love, bringing positivity into the spaces we live. Sometimes we need help doing that.

The Musician...
J. Lauryn's voice and down to earth lyrics helped me maintain a balanced mentality. I was in a cafe when
I first heard "Live Aloha" on Bring Me 2 Life Radio. It was announced she won a Songwriter Grammy in 2017, co-writing a song with Ziggy Marley. Currently, her Album "Golden Year" is nominated for Album of the Year at the Crystal Chalice Awards sponsored by Bring Me 2 Life Radio. Check out the polls and share your voice.
You can vote for her album >> Here 
The Music...
I have listened to this album so many times I swear my disinterested roommate could begrudgingly quote it. I have listed my favorite songs below with a brief description to give you an idea of how good this album is.

#1 song "Live Aloha" : this is an energetic melody that reaches the soul in an instant. The upbeat instruments invite us to relax into the moment, while J. Lauryn's voice awakens feelings of love and gratitude. As I continue to listen, I'm transported to an island shore, no longer feeling restrained, my mind is being swept away by the music. The rhythm sways my body like palm trees in the breeze during a sunset. The lyrics strike deep at my heart strings, ringing out truth and love for all creation. And when the song is over a strong urge rises up to push the repeat button. Like a wave on the ocean destined to crash upon the beach; it is my fingers destiny to replay the song.

#2 song "Vibes & hiGHS": is a reggae inspired beat that continues to raise the vibes. I would say this song is 'dope' and would be right! It's a bit explicit. There are many references to Weed. It might not be suitable for younger audiences. "Vibes & HIghs" only intends to express and spread a positive message. This is a song I would blast to chase away the winter blues or a bad hair day. The lyrics drop "down to earth" reminders about not letting negativity get to you. It hints at being resilient and self-reliant.

#3 Don't Touch: is a sexy, empowering song that gives voice to the importance of consent. "You can look you can watch, but please don't touch" is the chorus. This warning is rightly given because the beats in this song will have your booty bouncing. This party song is sure to please at your pals. Create your own party playlist >> here << Visit sound cloud to hear the heart felt hip-hop-hippie lyrics.

The Movement...
J. Lauryn pours her heart & soul into her music. She has stated that she is speaking her truth and spreading love through her lyrics. This album, and other singles, are helping to raise the vibration in the music industry. She is helping to promote awareness of Mother Earth, and the inter-connectedness of all humans and animals. Take a moment to listen to her songs. If you agree with her lyrics, then take some time to vote for her. Again, spreadlove and share your voice in the comments! You can vote for her album >> Here 

I wanted to share this High Vibe Human's music with you, because it is important to support, promote, and lift up positive things. Often it is easy to dwell on the negative or remember bad things over the good. This music is one way to break the cycle of negativity.

That's all I have for you this week. Until next time...

Award Nomination :: Crystal Chalice Awards

Hey High Vibe Humans!

I have a few exciting updates to share with you!

I am deeply honored and humbled to announce that I have been nominated for “Guide of the Year” at the Crystal Chalice Awards in Maryland.

A little bit about the nomination...
I have been recognized for the work I do in the field of psychology, and for my dedication to the healing arts. I graduated from Aquinas College in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. I am completing my Master’s in Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University. Currently, I am an intern at Rinehart Institute, a Holistic Health and Wellness Counseling center in Kalamazoo. When I am not working on my degree or providing counseling services, I am traveling the country teaching Holistic Health workshops at music festivals and events. I am grateful for the nomination because worked hard at honing my counseling skills. It is my personal mission to guide others, and walk with them on their emotional, mental, and spiritual journeys. My skills to therapeutically guide others are continuously improving and evolving. I want to thank those who have supported and will continue to support me on this journey becoming a healing professional.

In order to Win...

I need the support of my family, friends, and fellow High Vibe Humans! The voting acts as a gauge that let's the judges know that others also recognize how hard I am working. I humbly ask that you vote for me. Especially if, you have witnessed me in a therapeutic setting, have been on the receiving end of my counseling, or attended one of my summer workshops.

Cast your votes...
I have added the link >> HERE << that you can click on. It will take you to the voting page. Click "Guides/Writers" and then select "Breezy Scott". Submit your vote, and you're done! At this point, I want to thank you for taking the time to do that, and for supporting a good cause.
I need the High Vibe Humans to share their voice. You can cast your vote at

Not the only one...

I'm not the only person up for a nomination. I'm excited to be nominated alongside other High Vibe Humans who are hustling harder to make the world a better place. I would like to take the time to shout out my hard working friends who are nominated! 

Photographer of the Year: Melissa Henk
Album of the Year: J.Lauryn "Golden Year"
Song & Album of the Year "I AM": Uplifting Earth
Singer/songwriter of the Year: Drew Phillippy
Behind the Scenes MVP: Angelina Bertoni (The low key "G")
Hardworking Masculine Award: Brendon Culliton
Healer of the Year: Nick Meador & Jeffrey Grant

I want to support and lift up those friends that hustle for a higher purpose. Remember to keep shining your light, #spreadlove, and support your friends!

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Eclipse and Negative Energy

Hey All you High Vibe Humans!

Archangel Michael is supporting you and creating a wonderful August with you! His energy was strong in the first two weeks. The angels have been giving us sweet messages this month, which you can check out on my Instagram. Today, the card is Archangel Michael “YOU ARE SAFE”. He is here to reassure us that this Eclipse you will be safe from the lower energies.
This week is the Solar ECLIPSE!
Ancient cultures around the world each have their own myths to explain the visual spectacle. The sun was everything to our indigenous brothers and sisters. Before science clarified and simplified the passing of the moon in front of the sun, many myths depicted a giant deity swallowing the sun. For instance, the Vikings described a pair of wolves chasing the sun and an eclipse would happen when they finally caught the dancing orb. In Vietnam, the deity was a frog or toad that eats the sun. According to a National Geographic article, cultures around the world made noise, such as banging on drums or chanting, in order to chase away the deity attempting to steal the sun. This was how humans prevented the kidnapping of their precious sun. One African myth states that some chants are to get the sun and the moon to stop fighting. The Eclipse is seen as a day to resolve feuds and come together. This energy has had a negative connotation.

The negative connotation in all these myths, I’m assuming, stems from a lack of understanding of the event. The sun was so integral to our human survival that its disappearance would mean the end of the world. Our ancestors had no way of knowing if this change would be permanent or temporary and thus it was seen as a negative event. However, one Native American tradition states that this event is about balance. That it is a time to sit with family and reflect on the passing of time and the “cosmic order” of the universe. The Navajo state that this time should be spent singing, fasting, and spending time with family.
These connotations often lead to modern misunderstandings.
The most prevalent modern misunderstanding is that you cannot and should not look at the sun during a total eclipse because you might be possessed or your shadow self will be intensified. These ideas stem from a lack of understanding about an eclipse. Now, we know it's not demons devouring the sun, it's just the moon. Eclipse or no Eclipse, it’s common sense not to stare at the sun. I believe ancient cultures noticed that our vision was affected during an eclipse and in order to protect the people, it became a tradition to advise against looking at the eclipse.
To summarize, please use your discernment and common sense, not all superstitions are beneficial for humanity. In the past, myths and stories were used to describe events that we can now explain scientifically. Don’t let some past superstition prevent you from seeing a historic event. I also want to caution against the cultural appropriation of ancient traditions. Do not engage in an eclipse ritual if you are not fully educated on its history or cultural origins. This is especially important if you do not normally subscribe to that religion and have not been invited to participate in the practice.
Create your own eclipse rituals and traditions, or research your heritage for their eclipse folklore.
How did you spend your eclipse? Post in the comments below.

That's all for this week.
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