Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Sacred Space

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What is...

Sacred Space?

To me, sacred space is space that is allotted for ME. It is space that I deem as important for one reason or another. It can be space I do energy work in, where I meditate, or find respite from the world.
Sacred Space holds accumulated spiritual energy. This is energy that has built up over time. This energy has the purpose of purifying, centering, and reinvigorating my spiritual aura.

Examples of Sacred Spaces in society are:

  • Churches, or temples of worship
  • Historical Monuments
  • Indigenous areas/Holy Grounds
  • The Forests of the Earth
  • Some even say the BATHROOM/ SHOWER
The bottom line is that Sacred Space is treated a certain way, with great respect and reverence.

What are the spaces I deem Sacred?

I have space in my apartment that I have designated as Sacred, and treat in a certain way. I don't want these spaces cluttered, made dirty, or contaminated with other energies.
This is a space for rest and recuperation. This is where I do my dreaming, my traveling to the Astral Realms. This is where I lay my body down to recharge for the coming of a NEW DAY.
I need the energy of my bed to be pure.
While I sleep, I am absorbing new energies, and giving off old energies. I can't have my bed cluttered with Cell Phone Waves or old crumbs of food.
  • for Dirty Laundry
  • A place to drop off your coat (Hang it on a hook please)
  • for dumping the contents of my book bag or purse
  • for Eating (exception: Illness)
  • For shoes, or other outside wear.
  • drop off for other random Junk
My bed is a space I hold sacred in order to recharge.

This is similar to my bed.
There is a book called "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston
It speaks about clearing emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual clutter.
This reminded me of the phrase "Inner reflects Outer" meaning, that your outer world can become an expression of your inner world. Maybe some of you will resonate with the phrase
Cleanliness is next to Godliness
For those that know about Tarot, and other Occult things

I took this to mean a way of making sacred space; freeing up the space in your mind & soul to allow the Divine  to come in and work it's Magic.
Sometimes a cluttered mind can distract us from enjoying life

A study by Princeton University found "that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress" (Web source).

Clutter can effect the energy flow in the room. My room is my sanctuary, a place where I can feel safe. If it's cluttered and not organized, I FEEL DISORIENTED.
I get stressed, and I cannot get anything done until my room is back to it's clean and organized state. 

I have what I call an 'Organized mess'. 
Everything has a place, and I put everything back in it's place when I am done with it.
Albert Einstein makes a great point. Remember, there is a balance to life.
If I am stressed my room begins to reflect my stressed state. Once I put everything back into order, I can feel the energy flowing more freely, and I feel my mind relaxing. Then, I am at peace.
#3 My Crystal Alter
This is a place for all of my crystals. Yes, I own special shiny rocks that I believe emit energies. I believe these energies can impact my daily living, and the space in which I live.
The only things that are allowed on my alter are the crystals, other sacred tokens, and things being charged with the energies.
  • No random papers, or homework, or mail
  • No uninvited touching of crystals
  • No disturbing of the formations I put them in
Please, ask before you touch my crystals.

#4 My Body
My Body is a Temple. I believe this is where my soul resides, where SPIRIT comes to rest. I believe this is the vessel through which I allow the Divine to shine. 
  • It is my Ultimate Tool, and my best Weapon
It is an amalgamation of cells, making it a living organism which I must take care of. I must keep it Healthy so that I can do the Work I have come to Earth to do. 
This means:
  • I make choices that are Life-oriented
    • Exercise and stretch my body
  • I watch what I ingest. 
    • I eat a plant-based diet
    • I drink lots of water
      • I stay away from Soda Pop, sugary drinks, and limit my intake of coffee
        • I monitor when these things get out of balance, and seek to correct it.
  • I express LOVE for my body
I AM A GODDESS, and I am not afraid to show it. My body is the living vessel that expresses my divine nature. I take care of it, and nurture it. If I abuse it, then I abuse my own sacred right. This a sacred space that is the most important, because with out my body, I would not exist in this dimension.

Sacred Space is important because I give it importance, and meaning. I want my life to have meaning, and I define the spaces appropriately. I believe I can create my own reality. In order to do that I need a foundation upon which to build that is stable.
My bed is my Nest, my place of rest and recuperation.
My Room is my sanctuary, my place of self work.
My Crystal alter is how I cultivate and signify my spirituality.
My Body is how I go out into the world and create my miracles.
Without these four corner stones, the mission which I am building would crumble.
Stay Healthy, Stay Light, and Don't Give Up the Fight!

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 I have grown a lot in the last few years - In life, and on the web. I make changes daily to myself, my surroundings, and to my YouTube Channel. If you watch some of my older stuff, you can tell I have become more comfortable talking to the camera, more proficient at editing footage, and utilizing my equipment to the best of my abilities.
I started the Truthday Tuesday (Playlist) series as a way to be more AUTHENTIC, and to tell the truth about who I AM. I want to engage my audience, and I want to connect with them. I know that by sharing experiences we can learn from and support each other. 

We Can Help Each Other Grow
My most recent video posts have been about Spirituality: why I use it, what is important about it, and how I practice my spirituality.  I've also told the truth about Dating, being NOT Vegan, and Abuse

I bare my soul for all to see. I am not afraid to be vulnerable. I am not afraid to be free

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    Thursday, April 16, 2015

    Effective Starseed Counselor

    Hey there High Vibe Humans,
    Breezy Here!

    Below is a list of characteristics I believe will lead to being an EFFECTIVE Starseed Counselor.

     Starseeds have many different missions while incarnated on planet Earth. Therefore, I am speaking specifically to those who feel their mission is to heal others, and provide counsel. I wanted to post about this because there are a lot of starseeds who end up being healers of some kind in their communities yet do not understand fully what this means. Often times, we find people coming to us with problems, wanting to talk about their stress, and ask for advice. This can be overwhelming. It also puts us in a powerful position.
    We are dealing with people's LIVES!
    What we say matters to them, and can create ripples that might turn into unforeseen waves. That is why I believe it is important that we teach other the proper skills and characteristics to be more effective.
     I have also created a video to go along with this article.
    How to Be an Effective Starseed Counselor <<Link
    This is part one.
    Characteristics that contribute to being an effective counselor are:

     1. Possess an Identity as a "Counselor/healer"

    In order to understand if you see yourself as a counselor, ask your self the following questions...

    • Do I see myself helping the human race with emotional, mental, and spiritual issues?
    • Am I innately motivated to heal MY SELF so that I can better serve & heal others?
    • Do I see myself advocating for the rights of marginalized individuals?
      • This includes the willingness to understand another's struggle
      • Understanding how being of a different sexual orientation, class, ethnicity/race, and gender might affect their daily lives.
    • Am I willing to take on this label and offer my services with compassion?

    2. Become Deeply involved in the Work and Derive Meaning

    • Becoming deeply involved means that this is a passion that is allowed to consume your life. There is an understanding that being a counselor is not separate from life, it is LIFE. There is no '9 to 5' format. This is because there is always more to learn. Continuing education into history, culture, art, healing practices, and spiritual concepts can not only enhance your knowledge but at some point may prove useful in helping someone else. Learning more about life will better help the people who come to see you.  After all, one cannot counsel a Native American without knowing about their culture and the history that their ancestors have endured, and how that might still be effecting them today. Everything that is done, every action that is taken is done with the purpose of helping someone else out later down the road.
    • Derive meaning from working as a counselor/healer means to find meaning within one's own BE-ingness. In learning about other individuals, it is important to understand one's self. 
      • What is your motivation?
      • What does it mean to be a healer?
      • Does it come with a sense of purpose?
      • Even if you feel you have failed, can you still see worth in your work?
    There is no down time. One is either working on oneself, and healing the past and other aspects of self. OR one is helping another person to heal and work on aspects of themselves. Counselor/healers understand the effect society can have on the soul, and continue to advocate for a better society. Therefore, one is always healing, always advocating, and never stops learning.

    3. Empathetic Abilities & Personal Warmth

    • Empathy is not the same as sympathy. Empathy asks you to put yourself into the experience of another person. It asks you to "walk in their shoes" and truly try to understand where that person is coming from. Not to sympathize with their dilemma, but BE in their life world. Look at the world from their point of view and experience those events and life choices as if they were your own. THEN move from that space to gain a deeper understanding of the issue.
      • It is not an easy task, and takes a genuine & compassionate person. It also takes a bit of practice.
    • Personal warmth asks for an air openness and genuine caring. This quality creates a safe and welcoming environment. Personal warmth is often times a key ingredient for soul healing. It allows the individual to truly feel welcome and understood. The safe environment tells the person that is okay to open up because there is a feeling that they will be accepted and not judged. 
      • In my opinion, personal warmth is key for healing.

    4. Possess Effective Interpersonal Skills

    • Interpersonal skills refers to the ability to communicate and interact with others. It's kind of a "no brainer". Perfecting these communication skills will enhance your role as a counselor/healer because the main part of this role is talking to people about their problems. 
      • A simple Google search: Interpersonal Skills, can pull up a whole list of "SKILLS YOU NEED" and "10 MUST HAVES" type articles. 

    5. Have a Sense of Humor

    • The American Counseling Association (ACA) has a great article on this: Humor in Counseling
      • This is a great read, with a bit more detail.
    • In essence, counseling and healing is serious and depressing work. It can be an emotional roller coaster dealing with other people's "skeletons in the closet". Without a positive disposition/out look, it could drive you crazy. Especially when dealing with 'crazy' people.
    • There will be aggressive, overly offensive people. Some people may even act that way in order to get a rise out of you. It WILL be emotionally exhausting if you take everything that is said seriously and personally. Instead, having the ability to laugh it off, and laugh at yourself can go a long way in alleviating the pressure.
      • No one wants a counselor who can't take a joke. Or tell one!
    That's it for characteristics that make an effective counselor. The next article will give clues to the building blocks of an effective Starseed Counselor/healer.

    PART 2: Starseed Counselor/Healer Building Blocks

    This list is based off of a compiled list from Collins 2007; Corey 2009; & Parrot 2003