Monday, November 13, 2017

Highland House || Pyramid Park

Hey High Vibe Humans
Detroit is near a Ley Line 
The city of Detroit is nestled on sacred land filled with cosmic energy. No doubt there is an energy vortex here created by human technology and movement. The city has been "dying" and is in desperate need of revival. There is a calling for starseeds and rainbow warriors to reinvest in the suburbs and surrounding residential areas. Since 2010, there have been many social groups coming in to rebuild the art, music, and business communities. The energy of rebirth has been building and
I want to be apart of this rebirth of Detroit.
SOURCE: Sacred Site Niagara Falls

The energy vortex in Detriot has a real source
The Ley Lines that race across the landscape of the city garners its power from a Biome energy center created by the Great Lakes and Niagra Falls. These large bodies of water naturally allow for the energy exchange between electrons and other particles in the environment. Ions passing by in the atmosphere are affected by this shift in environmental energy.  The water influences the ion energy which influences the Earth's magnetic shield. These lines of energy carry a current of ions which can be swayed or influenced by humans. Humans' also have a magnetic field, which can be strengthened or weakened by internal and external influences.
Side View of Highland House

How does this connect to the Highland House?
Before I get too deep into how human fields interact with the Earth's field. Let's talk about how the house connects to the energetic grid in Detroit.
My partner and I went down to Detroit to view the house. Earlier, he had discovered a park down the street that he wanted to show me. What is special about this park? Well, other than it being named after the great Martin Luther King, it has two great stone pyramids integrated into its playscapes.

We arrived at the park around dusk, and energy was mysterious and mystical. A mist was in the chill autumn air, rising from a built-in pit near the first pyramid. This pyramid looked to be 18 ft tall with wooden beams creating a lookout structure. Its stone bricks, wet with rain, glistened from the light of the street lights, its odd stone steps jutting out in a disjointed pattern. My heart swelled with child-like excitement as I looked across the park to another pyramid almost equal in size and splendor to the first. I raced up the closest pyramid to gaze upon the park like an explorer in a new land.
View of Largest Pyramid

To our delight, we noticed that we could see our house from the park. I felt very blessed in that moment. This park is large enough to host community events, it has so much potential. The structures are sturdy and have stood the test of time. The park has a history- the energy of the past was practically palpable in the air. We both sensed this and acknowledged this energy with respect, but there was no plaque. There was no sign to give the park a name or purpose. We only knew the name "Martain Luther King Park" because of Google Maps.  It was as if the park had been forgotten by the community itself.
We are delighted to give this park purpose again. I look forward to creating events to invite the community too.
Aerial View of Pyramid Park
My vision is to create meditation events that can help clear the vibes of the area. There have been studies to show that when large groups of people meditate together, crime rates can go down. Obviously, I'm not going to get 100 people to meditate in the park as soon as I move into the neighborhood. The important part is the potential is there. The park is big enough to stage consciousness shifting events, events that can impact the flow of energy in the area.

Speaking of energy, there is an abundance of energy in Detroit that can be channeled in powerful and productive ways. The calling for Starseeds is to reignite this city by intentionally plugging the city back into the energy grid of Earth. My partner wrote a more detailed blog about how our house connects to the Pyramids of South America and Egypt. These similarities could mean cosmic ties to the constellation Orion, and the energy that comes with that alignment. To read his blog >> CLICK HERE <<
Alignment between House & Pyramid park
In my blog, I have presented how the city of Detriot, and by association, Highland Park, is connected to natural ley lines or energy lines which criss-cross planet Earth. I also point out how this city desperately needs to reconnect with the energy of the ley lines. We hope that our property can begin to cultivate a space where healing, high vibe energy can grow. We also discovered that there are pyramid structures near our house which have connections to other pyramids around the world. Read more HERE.
More updates will be coming soon. Join us as we build a High Vibe Human community in Detroit with the intention to root in light energy and cosmic upgrades. The world can be a dark place but we can get through it together when we SPREADLOVE, and subscribe! Stay tuned for more High Vibe updates.

Until next time, Stay Healthy, Stay Light, and Don't Give up the Fight.   


  1. This is neat! Excited to see them in person. Yay for new beginnings and cool connections

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