Thursday, November 9, 2017

Highland House Blog Series

Hello High Vibe Humans!

The seasonal change has brought many upgrades~

1st- I want to "Thank" Bring Me 2 Life Network for throwing a wonderful event, The Crystal Chalice
Awards. This event took place October 21st and honored many hardworking High Vibe Humans who are dedicated to spreading goodwill and saving the world. Many were nominated and those that won showed so much gratitude. I won "Guide of the Year" for my work in counseling and holistic health. I feel so blessed to be apart of such a supportive community.
If you would like to nominate someone for next year, please visit their website.

2nd~ I am almost done with my Master's program. I have maybe 2 more semesters to go, and then I am finished. Once I have completed this program I will apply for a Licence as a Counselor or an LPC. This will enable me to see clients and take insurance.

Which brings me to my third update (AND the title of this Blog). My partner BOUGHT A HOUSE!
I am excited to announce that my partner, Niko, has purchased a duplex off the Highland Park Auction near Detroit. He will be keeping a blog about the experience of finding the house and fixing it up. If you would like to read more >>> Click HERE
Here is a preview:
As of October 26th, 2017 I became the winner of a 2,800 square foot duplex house which also includes second flat with it’s own separate address. It was won at it’s minimum bid of $500 including payment of it’s Summer 2017 taxes of $900, amounting to $1,400 in total. It is suspected that repairs could cost an additional 2K – 4K if I use thrifty and DIY methods (which I do). Built nearly 100 years ago in 1926, it is seated on a small humble 3,920 sqft lot with a few large trees, some bushes, and an old apple tree in the backyard

I, too, will have a blog detailing the experience from my point of view. I will not be doing much of the labor until July 2018 because I am still in school on the other side of the state. We hope to turn one side of the duplex into our private living space. The other half will be our "Office space". Niko and I will turn one side into a Holistic wellness clinic & cafe of sorts. Plans are still in the works, so stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this journey.

We have a plot of land near the risky city of Detroit. Join us as we face unknown adventures, leaky pipes, broken steps, and dismantled gutters.

Until next time, Spread LOVE and subscribe!


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