Monday, May 19, 2014

Golden Gaian Adventure: My Travel Beginnings

My Travel Beginnings

In 2010, my love for travel started on an island called Put-In-Bay. This 4 mile long slice of paradise resides in Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio. A tourist destination, it contains different themed bars, little antique shops, and treasured historical landmarks. During this particular summer I had a job as a sandwich artist at the local sub shop. I spent my mornings walking to work enjoying the sunshine, fresh lake air, and the sounds of the red wing black birds. My favorite thing to do was to venture in circles around the island on my blue Schwinn bike going wherever my heart desired. I felt most alive with the wind in my dreads and the sun on my skin. I was an elemental faerie living in the garden of Eden, or so my imagination told me.
 My mystical and adventurous personality became a beloved favorite by all those who lived on the island, and I was justly nicknamed "Breezy". When I inquired as to why I was given the name, the response was the singsong slogan of "easy, Breezy, Beautiful" (you know the rest). Another response was that I was like "a warm summer's breeze". I liked the feeling of the nickname. When summer ended and I returned to college, trading paradise for the "the real world", I stuck with the nickname. I would introducing my self in casual settings as 'Breezy' in an attempt to keep that "island feeling" alive within me. My soul was inspired by the sparkling island and I knew that the world was big and there was more adventure to be had.

After my experience on the island I found myself traveling to the main island of Japan to help with the tsunami disaster relief in 2011. I was able to embark on this mission because of a program called Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE). This is a student run organization whose motto is “a head for business, a heart for the world”. We had many unique projects, all working to make our world a better place, however I am especially fond of the Help Japan Project. I was project leader for a year and a half, so maybe I am a little biased ;)
We created the project because our hearts ached, we wished to express our sympathies to the 19,009 victims who experienced the worst of the earthquake and tsunami. We wanted to be part of the driving force, the fuel for the speediest recovery possible from the disaster. Through our fundraising efforts, we have been able to send volunteers from all backgrounds to Japan to assist with the continuing tsunami relief efforts.

Before I embarked on this trip people had all sorts of questions for me: "Aren't you afraid of another earthquake" or "what about the radiation poisoning?" To which I replied with a smile, " Strangely, I am not afraid. I know everything will be fine." And to "lighten" the mood, and dispel any looks of confusion I would add: "Besides if I become radiated maybe I'll return with SUPERPOWERS!" :D I always got a few laughs. All jokes aside, the true reason behind my fearlessness was that knowing. I had a feeling in my heart that God, the Universe, whatever you believe in... wanted me there for a reason. A reason I am still coming to understand, but can be summed up as You can save the world.

When I arrived in Japan I spent a week removing debris from residential areas, and rivers. My volunteer group got to witness first hand what progress had been made, and what was still yet to be done recovering the destroyed coastal cities. What I saw changed my life. It changed my perspective of who I was and what I could do. From that experience I knew that I had the power to affect positive change in the world. This ignited the desire to show other people that they too can change the world because anything is possible.

Since Japan, most of my travels have been less worldly and more local. I've visited a number of campgrounds across Michigan- it was the only thing I could do to satiate my travel bug while finishing college. 

I connected a lot with nature, releasing a strong feminine wildness. I began training as an "Amazon Warrior" and posted YouTube videos of my progress (There's a whole Warrior playlist).
I began to create an online persona or character self under my nickname "Breezy SpreadLove". 
(For a further explanation see the Blog: What is in a Name? [[coming soon]]) Why Spreadlove? The story begins with volunteering...(duh:)
In college, I was highly active in various clubs and volunteer groups. Being a part of club meetings showed me the vast array of problems that today's youth are facing. 
During my fundraising for Japan I printed a slogan on the back of my business card. (some of you reading this may have a copy of my old card ;). This slogan read : Think Global, Think Green, Think 'Earth Family' Spread Love. Along my volunteer route I discovered we all needed to love each other and spread that love. I began to sign my e-mails with "Spread Love" and even use it in casual conversation. It was through this action that my purpose truly revealed itself... I became the action of Spreading love. 
In order to "spread" love I had to move around, be active, and meet people. This was the beginning stages of the "Golden Gaian Adventure". (check out that Blog for more info [[coming soon]])

In Conclusion

I made the commitment to travel with the purpose of expressing my love for the world. To embody LOVE and spread it to the world. This love will manifest itself in different ways, such as learning new skills, meeting new people, and gathering new experiences. I started this blog with the purpose of conveying those experiences to others. In addition, writing out my adventures will assist me in processing the events, thus gaining a deeper understanding of my purpose. My generation has to put the pieces of the world, the economy, and themselves back together in some sort of working fashion. It is my belief that the more I come to know and understand the world and my place in it, the more I will be able to help it. 

Since a young age I have been telling people "I will save the world." When I make such a bold statement most individuals laugh and say that not only one person can do that, it's Impossible. I believe I can do this. I think that in order to save the world you have to show people how to save themselves. By traveling and learning, I am developing a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the world. Ultimately leading me down a path to be a living example for others
It is my hope that while you read this, you are becoming activated to take new steps in your life. I hope you join me on my journey of self discovery. May all beings find true peace, true harmony, and true happiness. Stay Healthy, Stay Light and Don't Give up the Fight. 

Breezy Out! ;)

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