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What is Going on?


December 16, 2012 at 1:22pm


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This was a response to this homework question: On which philosophical domain of human existence do you think our current civilization is focused:  Mind (rational), Body (empirical), or Spirit (emotional)?  Why?


There has always been a mind/body debate throughout human history. We have grown and evolved as a result of cycling between the three domains. Our current state might best be described as a fluctuation between the mind and body domains. Technology has improved our understanding of our world. However, with technology, society has cultivated many different view points, and I believe that we are entering a synergistic period were we operate in all three.
A symbiosis is occurring that is unique to our time because of technology. Genome sequencing, helps us understand the information encoded in our genes in a new way. Computers store and allow access to new empirical data. The internet gives insight into the development of our brains by allowing thousands of researchers to connect and discuss ideas. Information changes how we perceive ourselves in the world. All humans live by a personal philosophy that they have adopted through experience. While we have operated in the mind and body mentality for the last 20 years or so, with the technological boom of the 80’s and 90’s this sharing of information causes us to cycle through each aspect (mind, body, spirit) faster and at different periods in our individual experience.

From science we know that the make up of our bodies are all equally weak/strong and relatively the same. We have done a lot of rational thinking and judgment in certain social realms, but not in others. The United States and other nations are experiencing economic depression with many families facing economic uncertainty for the first time. Our government is involved in the occupation and war on ‘terrorist’ countries, in which our soldiers return wondering if they are the terrorists. In these war torn countries, people are confused and scared; they can barely make sense of what is going on, and try to fight for their safety and freedom. These factors have created psychological stress causing humans to scramble for reasoning behind the rapid changes that are occurring. People are beginning to realize that certain systems no longer work with a global, environmentally centered mindset. By using the empirical data gathered about human systems and animal systems, we are coming up with new designs for a sustainable society. There is a new emergence of technologies to solve the problems of the world and these ideas are being met with resistance because of old paradigms. This is where a spiritual movement comes in.

I am beginning to see a interesting definition of spirit emerging from the new information about the brain, and the current state of society. This is not something new, in fact it is something old that is being framed in a new perspective. The psychological stress I spoke of causes humans to cling tightly to what is familiar and to return to home and family. By going back to our roots, many scientists found connections between quantum mechanics and spiritual teachings. There is a saying (forgive me because I don’t remember where I heard it), that “Father is light and all that you see, but he is also hidden by this light. Mother is vibration and all that you hear but she is also hidden by this vibration”. This saying has implications that from vibration, the frequency of matter, and light bouncing off of that matter, the world is created. These are the fundamental measurements by which we are able to perceive the world, but we often forget or hide this information from our conscious experience. Expanding on this, at every moment we are all vibrating and reflecting light. This can be seen as a spiritual concept as well as a scientific one. It is the notion that we are all connected. That we are connected to each other biologically, we are connected to our environment chemically, and we are connected to the universe atomically. This is revolutionizing the way humans see each other and their place in the world. Again, this is not new information, it is merely something that has fallen to the way side. However, this remembrance of how connected we are is what is moving people to call for social and environmental change globally and with more tenacity than many world leaders had anticipated. This is creating a new mindset, a new paradigm, and will ultimately create a new world.

Please post comments relative to this discussion about the evolution of our consciousness. We are the next step, we are aware and conscious of this fact. What will we choose to create. I encourage discussion of this among my peers even if they groan and moan, because it is important. In some way no matter how big or SMALL we helped create the problems we are now facing. This is the reality and nature of our situation, and my friends, my comrades "with great power comes great responsibility". It is time to rise and accept our roles.

Practice sharing and objectively discussing solutions. We know the problem already, stop complaining and start doing.

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