Saturday, January 28, 2017

Truthday: Is it Important to be Unique?

Hey High Vibe Humans!

I would like to share another truth with you.
The world is a vast and diverse place. The population on our dear mother Gaia is surpassing seven (7) billion high vibe humans! That is variation at its finest. We are not alone on our journeys. We are actively co-creating reality together.
Our society has a lot to say about “being different”. Capitalism sometimes glorifies ‘difference’, puts it on a temporary pedestal and parades it around.
We are the generation that truly embraces difference, lifting it up spiritually. We are creating a community of people who share their gifts- their “difference”- without fear.

Today, I wanted to share my truth on “being unique”.  …

I am unique person.
MANY people have told me how weird I am. If you are reading my blog perhaps you've been called weird too.
I believe we are all special. I also understand we are the same as everyone else. I am a human being like all other humans. Its basic science really.
In nature, variation is key. We know birds exist, and we also know there are many types of birds that all have their own role in nature. Humans are the same way. Many humans have different skills and abilities, but we are all part of the human species.
Take the cells of the body as an example.
You have millions of different cells. ALL of them have the basic building blocks of a cell: Nucleus, membranes and organelles.
However, each cell is also unique, performing a different important function.
The Skin cells to protect your body,
The Microglial cells make up your central nervous system
The Osteoclast is a bone cell.
I believe humans are like cells of the body.
We all perform different functions to survive.
It is important to understand why you are the same as other humans.
It is equally important to find out how you are unique.
You must be true to yourself in order to find out what kind of cell you are.
Don’t try to be someone you are not.
If a skin cell became jealous of a bone cell, we’d have a problem. Say bye bye to soft skin.
There would be a whole new meaning to the phrase “feel it in my bones.”
#dadjokes aside.
I see “being true to myself”, or staying true to my uniqueness as imperative to my survival.
There is this phrase that I heard, and if you have the source please let me know. The phrase goes something like this:
“They can steal your crops,repossess your house, take the clothes of your back, but at the end of the day, THEY CANNOT TAKE YOUR MIND” It is the essence of who you are.
>LET me break it down with some Freshly popped Psychology
I am a supporter of Erik Erickson's self actualization.
I believe we are constantly seeking to become our best self.
In the words of Alfred Adler, I believe we are moving in a “Unifying directional Tendency toward self mastery and self overcoming in the service of social interest”.
We want to be better for ourselves and those we care about.
I believe we are also shaped by the things that happen to us and HOW we react to them/ learn from these events it what matters.
That is a unique process in itself because everyone experiences things differently.
I believe we ascribe meaning to things and place value on things. Making the individual both the picture and the artist. Macro and micro
What’s the Take Away? It is important to be unique because you never know when your uniqueness will be needed, so stay true to yourself!
Each human has a lesson to teach, and a lesson to learn. We are navigating reality together. You never know when something you do positively impacts someone else. Perhaps it is your smile, or the way you dance to music. You can make someones day just by being you.

Thank you for your question.💗💗

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