Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Written 6/8/2011

Everyone is Crying out that
everything will be okay
they say
throw your money away
It is time for unity and love to bat.

Take a swing at this new thing
it comes in any flavor
just as long as you can savor
don't flush LIFE down the sink

The Horses are coming
a stampeed of bright hearts
will trample this world of dogs

The horses from the myths will ride
its said, they bring about
a great change, the secret is out
NOW its time for humanity to decide.

"My Creed"
I;m going to change my life.
Effective Immediately
Done flamboyantly
by jumping into something
way over my head
equipped with only the
confidence in myself
That I can learn, adapt, and accomplish
Anything I set my heart on.

This is my creed.
If I am depressed 
I recite this
if I ever feel in need
this gives me the courage
to address it myself.

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