Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What SPRINGS Forth~ September 25, 2011

I am that fisherman working on my nets on the bank of the sea, and coming towards me is Jesus. He asks me if I will drop what I am doing and follow him...? I think about my homework, my degree, my job and the risk I would be taking. Then I think of the poor, those children suffering for want of food and clean water. I think of my own Family, and all the good I will achieve if I  go with Jesus. I lay my net down, the net of societal rules, and Stand next to Jesus. If I choose, I can pick it up again, but I won't. All I need now is courage and compassion. ~

This thought came out of frustration. Frustrated with writting a paper no one could help me with. Frustrated with the government, the law enforcement and the media as the #Occupy WallSreet takes hold in the Financial district. I am frustrated with GOOGLE and the information monopoly it has become. I am frustrated with all this responisibility that I cannot delegate even though I am supposed too. I am frustrated with Freshman who don't care about saving the world. But I know that this is only because they do not understand how big the world is.

I have seen a world larger than myself. One I can participate in and improve upon. Here, now, I feel tired and stuck in the same old routine. Am I touching lives here? Does anyone hear me? Is my presence doing good on this campus, have I changed anything?
I know things are not simple. Especially when it comes to saving the world. AND when it comes to saving the world I WILL NOT GIVE UP, but what is the next step? I have placed my foot upon uncertain ground and my heart quivers in fear. Each day is a new beginning, but how can I treat it as such? How can I help you? How can I make things truly better?
I know we are all uncertain of something in our lives. Things keep changing and we find it harder and harder to adjust. I discovered once upon a time that we are all the same inside. We, everyone, every human, has fear, and doubt. We also have compassion, and the ability to understand one another. So Here, give me your uncertainties so I don't have to worry about my own. If I can make the world a better place for one person at a time it won't look so dim to me. I know that this might come off as selfish, but is it really?
I feel like I have really big wings, I mean huge wings, but they feel constrained. How can I break free and fly to all those in need? You have wings too. If I found away, would you fly with me?
SOME of you won't understand this. Most of you will. I want to Stand up like Jesus did. I want to reach out like Mother Theresa did. I want to Protest with the strength of Ghandi, and speak with all the prose of peace leaders that came before me. All I can do is Speak and Act on What I have said.All I can do is Speak and Act on What I have said.
But I need help from friends like you.
You have each contributed a feather to these wings on my back. A moment in time when you unknowningly saved me. A moment when time with you brought me out of my own pit of dispare. I have not forgotten you.
If this is too sentimental, I'm not sorry, you should embrace that feeling which makes you uncomfortable, Find why it is so uncomfortable, understand it, and thank it. This can only make you stronger.
Your heart is the key, it is also a well. A deep well from which you can keep drawing love. Love is something we never run out of. Love never dries up, or disappears. It can only be transfered from one person to another. What is the next step? for you, me, for the world?
How do we get past this ONE week......

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