Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Year New Posts

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Ya ho! Breezy Here, with another Whirlwind update for all you sexy shifters!

It's 2016! And boy did this year started off with a Bang! Holding nothing back, it unleashed all its potential and  inspired many to create.
For instance, there is this sweet new Paradigm Shift platform for all of us to converse! Nothing is more important than the sharing of information.

That is why I am so happy to be a part of this shift! I get to share it with you! We can be creative together, inspiring love together. It will be magical.
I digress.
2016 was not shy about being new... no it took "New" to a whole new level by opening with a NEW MOON. This brought upgrades for every being on this planet. When one tunes in, one begins to notice a subtle vibrating energy of "beginning", and when this energy is noticed it begins to take hold. Maybe some of you can attest to "upgrades" in your life or a space that has opened up allowing something new to come in.
Either way, there is a subtle vibration that leads to a not so subtle expression of newness.
For example, I decided to revamp my YouTube Channel concept, connect with Paradigm Shift Central, get my dreadlocks re-twisted, and do TWO photo shoots. My "newness" KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

In this energy, I feel free to expand and act on my true potential. In this energy, my authentic self emerges un-apologetically to nay-sayers and discriminators. It will not go quietly into the night. For it is here to stay.
....See not so subtle....
I can tell 2016 is the year of the "Hustler".
To me a hustler is a person who has dedicated every breath to bringing their dream into reality. This takes dedication, sacrifice, strength, integrity, and most of all determination. This person might be called crazy, a workaholic, a dreamer, an idealist, or a fool. Yet, despite all the name calling, the facts show the opposite. The path of the hustler becomes clearer with each hard earned step forward.
If you want something done right, do it yourself. If you want something to be done about the world, you do it yourself. If other people inspire you, you still have to do something. It all comes down to doing.

That is what the "Hustler" lives by. 
And that, High Vibe Humans is what 2016 has told me.
"Work Hard, Play Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard."
Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don't Give up the Fight. 
Breezy Out!

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