Tuesday, July 12, 2016


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This was the phrase I started with in 2016. I saw the symbolisim of the New Moon on the New Year and made a commitment to myself; I would make at least one YouTube video a week.
This is a personal goal. Therefore, I am writing this quest journal to report my successes thus far on my #goldengaianadventure.
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^^ In this video, I talk about my spirit animals, Reiki, Future & Past lives.

Truthday Tuesday is a day where you, the High vibe humans, ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth and my experience of the world.
Erick asks “What is your Spirit Animal?”
I have a few the butterfly, Salmon, Lion, and the Horse. Reflecting on these animals and what they mean, I realize how I draw on the strengths of these animals throughout my life.In my last video I talked about my survivor experience. Looking back on that time in my life, it makes sense that these animals were symbolic to me.

Nick Mielnicki asks “What do you think about future lives?”
How we act today, creates the future others will live in. 

Brendon aka Skullbabylon asks “What do you think about past lives?”
The actual knowing of the past life, is not as important as knowing the lessons that were learned in that life. These lessons provide insight into your life now.

Amie asks “What do you think of the Practice of Reiki?”
I’m no expert but I do believe in energy work. I would like to know more!
That was just a taste. 
If you would like to ask a question, post in the comments
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I am here to report that the #GoldenGaianAdventure continues to grow evolve and get stronger.
I will not give up, I will only give better. #bethechange 

Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don’t give up the Fight.

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